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GoDaddy Domain Search Guide for Beginners

GoDaddy is a popular name on the tech streets as they have more than 20 million customers from 58 countries and over 82 million domain names under management. When thinking about registering your domain name you must therefore consider GoDaddy domain search. 

A domain name is your website identity. A perfect domain name improves your website performance and exponentially increases your chances of being found organically by new visitors. What’s more, is that the GoDaddy domain search process is quick and straightforward as you will observe below. 

But first, why should you choose GoDaddy as your domain registrar?

Benefits of Buying a Domain on GoDaddy

  1. It is a one-stop tech shop that will give you all the tools you need to excel online. You can forget the hustle of jumping around the internet looking for tools.
  2. GoDaddy provides a wide variety of tools, for example, email marketing. Not forgetting they use cloud technology that is easy and affordable.
  3. World-Class customer support. You have the assurance that any question about domains will be answered promptly by the stand-by web experts. 
  4. You become part of a large community that is focused on progress and solving problems on the internet. 
  5. GoDaddy is an established brand for many years therefore you have the security that your domain name will not disappear with the downfall of a company. 

How To Search a Domain on GoDaddy

On the Homepage, click on the button Domain Names as shown below. 

GoDaddy domain search

You will get a drop-down list like the one shown below. The first option being “Search for Domain Names”.

GoDaddy domain search

On clicking “Search for Domain Names” you will be prompted with the search box shown below. 

You can type the domain name of choice to search if it is already being used. If it is still available, you can proceed to purchase it by clicking on the “Buy It” button.

GoDaddy domain search

This process requires flexibility since there are millions of domains already registered and in use. 

The search option above helps you find out if a given domain name is being used or if it is available for purchase. 

Now let us look at some more specific GoDaddy domain search processes.

1. New Domain Search

This option applies when you want to find new domain extensions. Recently, there has been an introduction of domain extensions called generic Top-level domains (gTLD). 

They are less mainstream than the ones found on web addresses like .com and .org. These domains are easily recognizable and have been used for so long. 

The challenge with this is that the short and catchy domain addresses are already taken, the reason why gTLDs are the way to go. 

gTLDs are more tailored to specific people and fields. For example, doctors can get a .doc extension, .farm for farmers, etc from which you can creatively create a catchy domain address. 

searching domain on Godaddy

The search feature has been designed to make your search process as seamless as possible. 

You can use the filter box shown below to search the keywords according to status; available, pre-registered, or coming soon) or category (Business, Featured, Following, ccTLD, and others). 

searching domain on Godaddy

 2. Bulk Domain Search

This feature allows you to search for up to 3000 domains at a go. You can type your list, paste from another source, or upload a document altogether. 

GoDaddy domain search enables you to filter your results in any of these three categories:

  • Specific Top-level domains
  •  Exact matches 
  • Premium domains

Also, did you know that you save more when you buy in bulk? Now you know!

bulk searching domain on Godaddy

3. Domain Name Generator

Creating a new domain name can be a rocky experience for most people. GoDaddy knows the importance of giving its customers a great user experience. 

In response, they have not only created the ingenious GoDaddy domain search but also the efficient domain name generator.

You click here to create a domain name in just a matter of minutes in just three quick steps:

   I. Enter the words describing your idea or business. Be creative and choose catchy words that are not easy to forget.

 II. Choose and register more than one domain name produced by the domain generator. The reason for this is to protect your brand.

III. Complete the registration process and start using your domain

Domain Availability

As much as the GoDaddy domain name generator is one of the best there is in the market when you find that your domain of choice is already being used you need to create another one. Here are some tips to help you solve such an issue when it arises:

  • Use synonyms, for example, if you want the word salon on your domain, you can closely use words like parlor or lounge 
  • Mix different word combinations. Still using the word salon as an example, you can use the phrases like beauty lounge or hair parlor. 

GoDaddy Domain Pricing

The advantage of buying/hosting a domain on an established brand is that the prices are always cheaper as compared to newer brands. 

What’s more, is that you get a comprehensive package and you can use your domain for as long as you continue paying for it. 

The prices with GoDaddy products usually include the ICANN fees but not the taxes. Taxes vary across regions which translates to varying final charges. 

Another major reason you should get a domain from GoDaddy is that they have constant sales throughout the year. 

You can buy a product at discounted prices and save that extra coin. As you buy, compare the discounted prices with the actual price because after one year you will be paying the actual renewal price. 

GoDaddy Domain Pricing
GoDaddy Domain Pricing
GoDaddy Domain Pricing

Domain Protection

Forgetting to renew your domain or changing your GoDaddy email account is what it takes for someone to transfer your domain name without your permission. 

To prevent this kind of tension, you can put business protection to protect your domain name for up to 12 hours. This is what it does for you:

  • Protects your details from snoopy people.
  • Blocks malicious and accidental domain transfers.
  • Publishes business cards so that customers can easily find you.

In Conclusion

GoDaddy takes care of all your domain needs. Even more, you can earn extra cash by enrolling as a domain broker. Click here to discover how you can do this.

Don’t be left behind! Visit GoDaddy to get yourself a unique domain name from their affordable and vast selection.