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GoDaddy Domains; 4 Things You Should Know

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 07:06 am

People have been talking about GoDaddy, they fail to mention GoDaddy domains. In this post, we are going to explore domains and more.

Technology and the internet have allowed us to share with the world. Post ideas, showcase our work, start businesses, and more.

These days there is no need to send smoke signals; a simple text or email is enough. Starting up these days has become hassle-free.

Also, completing transactions has become easy. There is also no need to visit a store to get a product or service when it can be delivered to you.

It has also become easy to reach out to the world fast. With just an email you can share moments, attachments, and more.

Jobs have also become easy to apply for. Interviews are done online together with jobs; no need to be physically present in the office.

So what does GoDaddy have to do with this? Well, domains are the address to a website, the names people use to get to a website.

GoDaddy allows one to register, transfer and manage their domains.

What is the GoDaddy domain?

GoDaddy is the world’s domain registrar and transfer that is giving opportunities to people to succeed online.

As a registrar and transfer, it’s responsible for providing domains and web services for millions of people. It helps keep your data secure.

GoDaddy also provides:

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Email & Marketing
  • And more.

The startup has never been easy, but with GoDaddy, all has been made easy. It’s also flexible for all to use and get the ideas live.

The cost

Different domain extensions have different pricing. The most expensive extension goes for £ 7.20 (on offer) while the cheapest for £ 0.71 also on offer.

GoDaddy Domains

How do I buy a domain on GoDaddy?

Buying a domain on GoDaddy is easy. It is a simple process and doesn’t take time to complete.

1. First, you need to visit the GoDaddy homepage

From the homepage, select the domains tab and under the tab choose Domain name search. This then takes you to a name search.

GoDaddy Domains

2. Enter the domain name you want to register.

Have a name that is unique. One that isn’t popular but one can include keywords. Once done, search and wait for the results.

GoDaddy Domains

This simply shows that your dame is available. It also means you can proceed to the registration of the domain.

Click on continue to cart. Here, choose the addons you can add to your domain.

GoDaddy Domains

3. Sign in

Here you register and create an account where your invoices will be sent. Input your correct details and choose other addons you want for your domain.

4. Choose a payment method

Decide on the plan to use; either card, master card, or PayPal. It will depend on the country you are in. For more check this.

5. The last process is checkout

Once you have chosen how to pay checkout. You will be asked to fill in your card details(secure), instead, use your PayPal account.

Can I use GoDaddy domains with Wix?

Yes, a domain name is an address to a certain website. Once you purchase your domain you need to point it to WIX Domain Name Servers.

It’s just about changing the nameservers for your domain to point to WIX.

Where else can I buy a domain?

The online market is vast, there are several places where one can get a domain. Such places include:

1. Truehost

A vast growing web service provider. Has the best-customized domain plans for all. Truehost services include:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud licenses such as cPanel
  • VPS and Dedicated servers
  • And more.

Have domains that are from as low as $0.99. Get your ideas live fast and easily with Truehost. Here is how to buy a domain from Truehost.

2. Truehost

Is a domain registrar and web host service provider. Truehost understands the value of a customer and how to retain them.

They provide the best reliable services for all. Here is what  they offer:

  • Hosting
  •  Domains
  •  Servers & VPS
  •  Get a Free Website
  • SSL 
  • Bulk SMS
  • And more.

They are always ready to help you grow. Buying a domain from Truehost is easy.

3. Namecheap

It’s a domain registrar and web hosting company offering reliable services. It also has the best offers to make your idea stand out online.

They offer:

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Email
  • Apps
  • Security
  • And more.

Also, there are many other places like:

  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • DreamHost
  • And more.