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GoDaddy for Ecommerce: What You Need To Know

Creating an online store is the way to go for any business, especially small businesses. Having a reliable host is the lifeline for your online store, the reason why you need GoDaddy for eCommerce.

GoDaddy is a popular hosting platform, more popular for being the hugest domain registrar in the world. But trying their eCommerce tools will get you thrilled. They provide you with all you need to have a cutting-edge online store with the potential to generate as much profit as you can target.

The goal of GoDaddy for eCommerce is to change visitors into customers and further into advocates who will tell others about your business.

What features make GoDaddy for eCommerce stand out in such a significant way?  

GoDaddy for eCommerce Features

1. Themes

GoDaddy for eCommerce provides a wide variety of themes you can choose from. You don’t have to go through the hustle of creating code for a new theme. The best part is that themes are customizable and you can make changes by replacing images and making other edits.

2. Easy-to-use Editor

The GoDaddy for eCommerce is easy to use and allows you to edit a live version of your page with a preview on the left and a toolbar on the right for precise updates.

3. No Transaction Charges

Unlike other eCommerce sites, GoDaddy does not charge fees on customer order purchases.  The amount paid using credit card transactions is what you will get on the payment gateways. You definitely don’t want to miss out on such convenience.

4. Easy to Upload Media

Have you ever tried finding out the easiest way to upload media? Without a doubt, it should be using a drag-and-drop editor as a media uploader.

To change videos and photos on GoDaddy, click on the media library where you have stored your images and videos and drag them to upload. You can also search by name or browse existing images in the stock library or from social media accounts.

5. Client management tools

GoDaddy for eCommerce keeps your online store as the priority by enabling you to interact with as many online visitors as possible. Some of the ways it does this are by:

  •  Sending out coupon codes
  •  Setting up abandoned cart email notifications and
  • Applying other sales and marketing techniques

These strategies are effective in keeping you in touch with clients and as well as keeping you in tabs with all client management from one platform.

6. The GoDaddy Insight

One of the best parts about using GoDaddy for eCommerce is this tool right here. It provides all you need to do a break-even analysis and evaluate your sales pipeline. As if that is not enough, it enables you to calculate your inventory turnover ratio.

This inbuilt analytics system uses smart learning to share the most important metrics from your store comprehensively. You can track and manage the following seamlessly:

  • Customer journey or lifetime values
  •  Revenue
  •  Inventory

What exactly can you do to achieve such outstanding results?

 Protips in Building an Outlasting Website

  1. The homepage – the first thing that meets the eye
  • Create a call to action in a simple straightforward manner
  • Easy navigation by having few strategic sub-pages
  • A creative, simple headline
  1. Build credibility – nobody wants to work with a fraud
  • Your story is a great opportunity to explain who you are and what you do
  • Gather and publish customer testimonies. 63% of the people who visit your site and see other people’s good testimonials are likely to do business with you. You can find testimonials by signing up to business directories online like  Yellow pages, Linked In, Google Places, Yelp, etc.
  • Another way is to ask customers who buy products from you to share reviews and ratings on how the service was.
  • Add badges, logos and certifications to your site, for example, add SSL certificates to make people know that their personal information is safe on your website.
  • Remove risk and offer a guarantee. This is a way for you to show confidence in what you do so that the customers can trust you. Having a warranty and price guarantee makes you stand out from your competitors. 
  1. Generate Leads
  • Gather email addresses. Invest in an email marketing tool by adding a web form to your website
  • Integrate with social media, that is Facebook and Twitter. Once you post on your socials what you do and they get to like, as a result, they will see all your subsequent posts. Consequently, their friends also see what they liked and if they trust them, they also get to follow your posts out of interest and that is how your network grows.
  • Offer visitors something special. This should be something that they can only find on your website and link it to a promo code or link that will enable you to track new visitors on your website. This way, you will know what worked really well and after some time you can repeat or upgrade the activity.
  • Use video. 60% of visitors who visit a website watch the About videos on websites

Advantages of Using GoDaddy for Ecommerce

  • Supports multiple industries than most of its competitors
  • You can learn how to use the system very fast and track your metrics
  • It is a great marketing tool for email campaigns and performance analysis
  • Fast and rock-solid uptime
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Sites are optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. This allows your customers to access your online store from the most convenient device and you can also control your site from any corner of the world.


  • It has limited customisation
  • Limited ability to scale your online store and grow
  • It does not have direct social media selling

GoDaddy For eCommerce Pricing

The GoDaddy eCommerce pricing is among the website hosting plans and starts at $14.99 per month. You get a 40% discount when you sign up for the annual plan. Here are some of the features that accompany this package:

  • Free domain registration for the first year. 
  • Product listings
  • SSL Certificate to protect your online store
  • SEO to keep your site top of search engine searches
  • Flexible payments
  • Unlimited social media platforms
  • Discount and promotional features
  • Brand content creator
  • 25,000 email marketing messages per month
  • Unlimited social posts
  • Flexible shipping options
GoDaddy for eCommerce

In Conclusion

GoDaddy for eCommerce is a powerful tool once you get to interact with it. Not only will you get eCommerce services, but it is also correct to say that it is a one-stop-shop for all your hosting needs. There is no longer an excuse to start selling online. You can start the journey for free right here at GoDaddy