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The GoDaddy Free Website Builder: Why Use It?

How many times have you heard about GoDaddy? Did you know that the GoDaddy free website builder is also available?

GoDaddy is not only a domain registrar, it happens to be a website builder also. GoDaddy website creation is free. 

With no costs whatsoever to create and host your website with GoDaddy, you can build a site from scratch or choose from templates.

Your website will be created in a few easy steps after which you can add all the content you want. Customize your website as much as possible with various colors and image tools available for free.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

For adding web content, there is no need for any HTML knowledge or skills, just follow the instructions on the screen: 

  • Pick from starter pages or build your own
  • Add text and pictures using a simple point-and-click interface\
  • Drag elements around on preview canvas until they look right; 
  • Save page changes along the way
  • Instantly see how it looks online.

Building a website has never been easier! Designed for those who want to create a basic website quickly and easily. It gives you the freedom to control everything on your site: 

  • Change visual elements (backgrounds, colors, fonts)
  • Upload your own images or videos
  • Add content using the simple point-and-click interface
  • Create links between pages and set individual page permissions 
  • Powerful tools:  create forms, add products from eBay or your store, present awards or accolades, and much more. 

The tool is fast and easy to use, so you can design your own site without hiring web designers or paying for hosting. 

Why use the GoDaddy free website builder?

  • It’s free- create any site without spending any dime. 
  • You’re in control of the content on your site:

Create channels to share content with friends and followers across the social Web. Import videos from YouTube, Flickr, Google Video, and Facebook. 

Post links to Twitter updates and blog posts from your pages. Let people sign up for email newsletters—or sell products—right from your site! 

  • Get a custom domain name. It’s all part of building a great-looking website that reflects your personality, brand, or business. 
  • Get access to their web hosting dashboard where you can create email accounts and subdomains.

With amazing features like a smart address bar, mobile-ready templates, and more plus 24/7 GoDaddy tech support by phone; who could ask for anything more? 

There are two ways to build a free website with GoDaddy: 

  1. Use their platform to create your site.
  2. Register a domain name and then transfer it to them.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Here’s how to create a free website with GoDaddy: 

At the homepage of GoDaddy, click on the website and stores.

This gives you a drop-down list from which you can choose the website builder. Click on the website builder.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

It takes you to the website builder page. Proceed by clicking start for free.

Sign up

This is where you add your credentials and create an account from which you will be able to manage your website.

You can create an account in three ways:

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Once you have chosen your sign-in method, GoDaddy will redirect you to the website builder.

Choose a category

 Decide on what best fits your website. The GoDaddy free website builder also allows you to add your own category.

Proceed by adding your name to your website.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Choose a template and color scheme.

This is the design that the website will look like. It’s what people will see when they visit your website. There are plenty of templates to choose from.

Besides, you can always preview any changes you make before you publish. 

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Edit text by double-clicking on where you want to add change or remove text. Also, get to delete elements you don’t need by clicking and selecting delete.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Change images easily, GoDaddy free website builder has stock images that one can use or instead upload the best. They also have an image editor that one can use to edit their photos.

Connect your social accounts easily by just adding links to your profile. No hassle to getting live.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Use the easy drag-and-drop editor to fill out your site’s About page, Upload Logo page, Contact Us page, and so much more for free!  

Once done editing click publish

This saves your changes. However, you have to have a domain but if you don’t, just use the free subdomain provided.

Once saved click on the view site.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

This is the simple site we just created in a few minutes. That’s how your site will look when other people visit it. The GoDaddy free website builder is making creation easy.

Get started building your free website now, don’t wait.  Build a great-looking website in minutes right from your desktop! 

Use the GoDaddy free website builder today. Your product photos are worth 1000s of words…or dollars if you have them on a professional site. 

It takes only a few minutes to publish your website online. If you want to manage your site after publishing, just log in with your GoDaddy account. 

Access your dashboard from which you can make required updates. All of this is available at no cost! GoDaddy’s free website builder is the best way to get started. 

Can I set up a professional website using GoDaddy’s Blogger templates?

YES, you can! Here are five killer features:  

  • Create blog posts with ease
  • Add photos directly from Google+ or Facebook
  • It comes packed with plenty of themes
  • Easily add pages to your site
  • Get high-converting mobile-ready landing pages for my business

This is something that other platforms do not offer for free. Check it out!   After you’ve created your first blog post, you might be wondering where to go from here?

Easy, just go to the top of your new blog and click on “Blogs” then choose the blog you just created. Make changes and update your site to the best version. 

Pros of GoDaddy free website builder

  • Ease of use- by just using drag and drop set up an amazing site easily.
  • Responsiveness- create sites that can be accessed over any device.
  • Customizable- templates are responsive and easy to customize.
  • Free- build your site for free.

Cons of GoDaddy free website builder

  • Doesn’t have a good color combination.
  • It’s not that popular.

Alternatives to GoDaddy free website builder:


OLITT is a free website builder that uses drag and drop technology. One can create any website without the hassle of coding and design.

OLITT free website builder


  • It’s free for life- no credit cards or paying for monthly plans. Get to create any site.
  • Ease of use- with less than 10 minutes to create stunning sites easily.
  • Time and cost saver- you don’t have to worry about these resources since OLITT helps you save.
  • Free stuff- connect your domain, get an SSL certificate, and more for free.
  • SEO tools- manage your ranks with free tools by OLITT.


It’s a recognized and popular site builder. Wix helps many go live instantly without having the coding or design skills for their websites.

Wix free website builder


  • Ease of use- just use drag and drop and develop the best site.
  • Many templates- get any design you need for your website from 500+ templates.
  • Advanced tools- has an AI to help you create a website.
  • Mobile optimized- all sites created are compatible with any device.
  • Built-in tools- utilize the SEO and many other tools provided for you by Wix.


It’s a free tool for website creation. Weebly is simple and user-friendly for all. Makes it easy for anyone to create any website.

Well, one also doesn’t get to spend when they create with Weebly.

Weebly free website builder


  • User-friendly- their design is simple and responsive; everyone is a developer with Weebly.
  • Drag and drop creator- move elements around and create the best site easily by just drag and drop.
  • Compatibility- design responsive websites that can be accessed through any device.
  • SEO tools- increase your reach by managing your SEO for free.
  • Free hosting- keep your website live and files safe with their free hosting.

 The above are just simple site builders one can use. Of course, there are others like:

  • Site123
  • Jimdo 
  •  Ucraft
  • Webnode
  • And more.

Get your ideas online with the GoDaddy free website builder. Grow your audience with their marketing campaigns and much more.

You don’t have to spend to grow your business. You can always start free and upgrade later for premium features and addons.

Going live these days has become easy. You also don’t need any cash to get started. The above website builders are there to help you grow.