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How To Use Godaddy Without Subdomain

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 08:22 am

How can I use Godaddy without a subdomain? This is a question many people interested on starting a website or blog ask like a lot.

See, when you create a website using Godaddy’s website builder, it usually comes with a subdomain, something like

Well, if you ask me, that looks a little ugly and turns off some people.

In this blog post, I will show you a quick fix to that.

How to use Godaddy without subdomain

To get started with Godaddy website builder, follow these steps

1. Go to

Go to

Head over to and look for the Hosting tab, that is where you can access the website builder.

2. Click on Hosting

Click on Hosting

Click on Hosting to reveal a hidden menu. This is where you can choose the Godaddy free website builder.

3. Click on GoDaddy Website Builder

Click on GoDaddy Website Builder

Click on Godaddy Website builder to gain access to this tool.

4. Click on Start for Free

Click on Start for Free

5. Click on Create an Account

Click on Create an Account

To Create an Account, you can use either your email and choose password, or use existing accounts like Facebook or Gmail.


If you are going to use your Facebook account to sign up at Godaddy, make sure that profile has an email address.

This is because if it doesn’t have an email, you will still need to provide one.

For this tutorial, we will be using Google Account.

So, the next step on how to use Godaddy without subdomain is to sign up using Google Account.

6. Click on Continue with Google

Click on Continue with Google

7. Choose the email account

Click on

If you have more than one Google Accounts, go ahead and choose the one you’d like to use to create a free website on Godaddy.

Once done, continue.

8. Choose a category

Click on Choose a category

The next step on how to use Godaddy without subdomain is to pick a category.

What you will pick here will affect the content and templates you will get access to. As such, make sure you are choosing a category that is closely related to the website you are building.

For example;

If you are creating  website for your real estate business, you can pick the real estate agent category.

The same apples to a band, your website category will be under the band.

9. Give your website a name

Type "King of Domains"

The next step on how to use Godaddy without subdomain is to give your new website a name.

Be careful here because this is the name that will go into your website address, as in the subdomain.

For example;

In the screenshot above, the name comes as King of domains.

Can you guess the final domain of this website?

That’s right,


Mind what you write in there.

My recommendation?

Put in there your business name (if you are creating a business website) or your name, if you are creating a personal website.

Otherwise, give it a topic you intend to write about in your website.

10. Start editing

Click on WEBSITE

Now, you will be redirected to your new website.

Go ahead and start editing.

Here, change the texts to reflect what you’d wish people to see when they land on your website.

Additionally, change images and colors to reflect your brand. Once done, move on the next step on how to use Godaddy without subdomain.

11. Publish

Click on Publish

Finally, publish your new website.

Now, the final step;

12. Connect to a custom domain 

Click on Your site is published
View Site
Connect to a custom domain
Make it easier for customers to find your website by attaching a domain that's unique to you and your business.
Choose a Domain

Make it easier for customers to find your website by attaching a domain that’s unique to you and your business. 

Connecting a custom domain will eliminate the use of Godaddy subdomain as your website address.

And to do that, follow these steps;

Click on Choose domain and then;

a).  Provide the name

Click on
First year
Renews at $ 18.99/yr

What would you wish to call your website?

Type it into the space provided or check the suggestions provided by Godaddy, if you like them, go ahead and use them.

If you don’t, provide the one you want.

b). Pick the right plan for your site

Click on Pick the right plan for your site

Now, to use Godaddy without subdomain, you need to connect a custom domain.

And to connect a custom domain, you need to upgrade your plan from Free package, to any of their premium packages.

Their premium plans starts at $9.99 per month.

c). Pay for your order

Click on Purchase Now
Websites + Marketing Basic Renewal
.COM Domain Registration
Renews November 2022 for $18.99 (12-mo term)
170,000 times a year - That’s how often criminals attempt to steal domains. Protect your domain.
Full Domain Pr…

Finally, complete the process of using Godaddy without subdomain by paying for your order.

That is the guide.