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What You Need To Know About Top-Level Domain

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 08:42 am

What is a top-level domain? We’ll get to know more about this, but first, let’s gather more information.

Each new day comes with new opportunities. We often rely on technology to help us expand and reach out to many.

We are always seeking new ways of making it. Different trends have different timelines, plans to implement and take your ideas to the next level.

Without a plan, you are planning to fail. Before taking your idea to life one needs strategies and a way to reach your audience.

These days it’s easier to reach out thanks to technology. With just the right tool you can share the idea all over the world.

Forget the old days where one spent a lot of cash to get the desired results. Thanks to technology advancements like websites one can do it for free.

Every day we have to visit a website. Besides, it’s from them that one gets information, ideas, and also posts what they want to share.

Also, with just a click of a button and millions are able to see your content. It’s easy, however, it has flaws.

Security is a major concern. Every day people are losing millions trying to repair damages done by security flaws.

However, to outdo the flaws one needs to take precautions. Security starts with you. Well, let’s get into the top-level domain insights.

What are domains?

They are names that identify a website or a brand. It’s also the name we all type in a search bar or search engine to reach a site.

A domain however has two parts; let’s take Truehost is the website name, is the domain extension.

It’s the permanent address for your website. So before choosing a name one should be thorough and well informed.

A good name should be informative yet simple. One that is easy to spell and least mistaken when one tries to reach your site.

How are domains used?

Domains are used to provide easy access to your website. Here are other things domains provide:

  • Credibility- It’s easy to transact with a brand that is easy to find, access, and know more about it.
  •  Sells your brand- the more people access and share your name; it becomes recognized.
  • Ranking- as more access and recommend your site so does Google and other search engines keep you at the top.
  • Creates impressions- people recognize what they see. A good name will keep clients coming in.

Well, there is much a domain name provides. However, one needs to be thorough before coming up with a domain name.

What is a top-level domain name?

It’s a domain name with the highest level of security in the domain systems. There are many top-level domains but here are the common .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) manages the top-level domains. It ensures that domains follow protocol.

Top-level domains are divided into two:

  • Country Code Top Level Domains- contain a country code and show that an organization originates from a particular country.
  • Generic Top Level Domains- they indicate a specific use; .mil- to show a military organization, .edu- show educational institution.

Where to purchase a top-level domain name?

The internet is a large marketplace. Each day new businesses are coming up and they are providing new products.

Different companies have opted to use the internet to conduct business. Domain registrars also have implemented this.

Here is where to buy:

1. Truehost

The best web service provider and domain registrar helping everyone get their ideas online. They began as a small company but now have both local and international clients.

Their cheapest domain goes for $0.98. With this, it’s easier to go online and share with the world fast.

2. Truehost 

A web service provider that aims at providing the best services. They have the best-tailored products and services for everyone.

Their plans are affordable plus the support is always ready to help whenever you run into issues. For as low as Kshs. 100 you can own a domain.

Here are their prices.

Of course, there are other registrars like:

  • GoDaddy.
  • Hover.
  • Dynadot.
  • Namecheap.
  • Google Domains.
  • And many more.

Domains play a major part in the recognition and making of a business, organization, or blog. They also help one market and expand their business.

How to register a top-level domain?

Well, it’s a simple step. Before one begins they need to have a name and the extension they want for the website.

Here is how to:

1. Visit Truehost homepage

Here you see the different services provided by Truehost. On the left side click on buy a domain name.

Truehost Top-level domains search box

2. From the search box appearing above, enter your domain name and search

Truehost Top-level domains search box

The above results will come. Different extensions, their availability, and the pricing for each. Choose the .com extension and proceed to the cart.

Once the domain is in the cart the next thing is to domain configuration.

3. Domain configuration

This is where you select what you need for your domain (addons). Also, get to configure the name servers to where your domain will point to.

4. Checkout 

This is the last step where you choose payment options, the years to pay for the domain, add or remove addons, and also choose hosting plans.

However, before you complete all that one needs to register an account. This account will be used to send invoices and other important information.

Fill in your correct details and checkout. Once you checkout you get an invoice into your new account.

Once the payment is successful the invoice will indicate it. More notifications about your domain will be sent here.

That’s how simple it is to register a top-level domain. 

Why use a top-level domain

  • Security- these domains are at the top of the domain security hierarchy. This means that they are extra protected. 
  • Branding- their extensions can work worldwide. It’s easier for people to recognize and utilize it.
  • Professionalism- websites look great with top-level domains.
  • Purpose- it indicates what the website is about.

A top-level domain can take your website to higher levels. Can also ensure your data is kept safe and visitors and clients have smooth transactions.

Give your site a touch of quality, security, and professionalism. Make it easy for people to reach out with a simple domain name.