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Cheap Domains: Where To Get Them

Every startup requires a good foundation. And before starting up thorough research is crucial. Today we’ll talk about cheap domains.

Also, startups are challenging to start. However, with the right strategy and market timings, everything becomes easy. Domains are part of startups.

Before we get into cheap domains, let’s gather more information on domains.

So what’s a domain?

It is a permanent address that people use to access a certain site. It’s simply the name one types in a browser search bar to reach a certain website.

Domains are used to connect people to websites. Instead of typing a string of numbers to reach a website you use just a name.

They eliminate the possibility of forgetting to reach sites. Besides, they are unique; no site shares the same name.

Do domains expire?

Yes! It is a service and has a subscription. One chooses the payment methods and the duration of payment.

It’s just like any other online service. Once it has expired, it will be marked as inactive which means one needs to renew.

If you don’t renew within the 30 days range the domain is then deleted. It’s then given 5 more days to be restored.

How to choose a domain

Since domain names are unique one needs to have a strategic way to choose one. Here is what to do:

1. Make it short

A short name is easy to remember. It is not prone to mistakes and typos. Well, also can be very easy to market especially by word of mouth.

A good name should be between 6 and 14 characters. We all love the simplicity and a lengthy name causes disinterest.

Make it short and easy to remember. Besides you can tweak a big name into a small name. Tweaking spelling and other properties makes a name unique. 

Being unique is great for it creates curiosity. Make the name unusual but catchy.

2. Use keywords

These are words that are commonly searched. To make your brand easy to reach use these words. 

Many times people use the results from the first page of search engines. A keyword will make sure people reach your site fast.

3. Use a brandable name

A good name is free from numbers, hyphens, and double letters. These can limit the branding of your business.

Too generic names are difficult to brand. Besides also they can cause partial keyword matches which is an issue.

These are but few considerations one should put in mind. Well, here is an updated list of what to do.

Truehost is another revolutionary. It is changing the web services. From cheap domains to hosting and other web services.

Started up recently and has now grown to be the best and reliable web service provider. Here is the complete list of cheap domains in Kenya.

The best domains


It’s the most common domain extension. It’s also a top-level domain that gives websites a professional standout.

This is branded domain mainly used for commercial websites. It can also be used for private sites like blogs, small business entities, portfolios, and many more.


As the name looks; it means networking. This is a generic top-level domain for use by marketers.

It can also be used by network service providers and network-related businesses like hosting companies…


It’s a top-level domain created for Africans by Africans. It is intended for increasing the reach in the African Market.

It can be used by both individuals and large business organizations to reach out to many people.


This domain is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS). It’s mostly used for information services.


It’s a top-level domain that stands in for an organization. It’s primarily used for nonprofit websites such as charities, NGOs, and educational platforms.

You don’t need a large budget for a domain. Besides, you can start with the cheapest and upgrade as the business grows. 

Where to buy cheap domains:


A developing company that rose up recently. It now has users all over the world. They have quality products and their support is amazing.

Truehost provides the following:

  • Domain registration and transfer
  • Web hosting services
  • SSL
  • Servers and VPS
  • And more.
Truehost Cheap Domains


  • Affordable- Truehost plans are readily available for all. You don’t need a huge budget to go live.
  • Secure- they have implemented the best security features to safeguard everyone.
  • Reliable- their uptime is amazing with the best speeds too.
  • Support- they have a quality support team always ready to solve any issue that may arise.
.net$11.19$11.79 $11.19


It’s a web service provider across the world. It’s a popular service provider and has been around for a while now. It serves clients right and efficiently.

GoDaddy provides the following:

  • Domains
  • Web hosting
  • Marketing tools
  • Web security 
  • And more.
GoDaddy Cheap Domains


  • Secure- has the best technology to make sure everyone goes live instantly.
  • Affordable- they have affordable plans for all.
  • Support- their team is always ready to help everyone make it online.
  • Many features- GoDaddy is home to many plans and features.
  • Payment options- one is not limited to only one payment plan.


It’s a domain and web service provider. Namecheap has been around for a while and has been providing quality services and support for everyone.

Services they provide:

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Email
  • And more.
Namecheap Cheap Domains


  • Reliable- their services are always available to everyone.
  • Affordable- they have different plans for everyone.
  • Secure- have implemented the best security measures.

There are many other places one can get cheap domains. Such places include:

Before getting a cheap domain make sure to learn more about your host. You may get a cheap one then when it’s time for renewals it costs you.

Get a quality service provider that will save you the hassle. Get online with cheap domains keep promoting your business as well as reaching out to many.