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GoDaddy Ecommerce: 4 Things You Should Know

GoDaddy is a popular web service provider. From websites to domains and hosting; the GoDaddy Ecommerce platform is an amazing product.

GoDaddy has a lot more to offer. Their services are customized to best-fit everyone. They ensure everyone establishes an online presence fast.

GoDaddy Ecommerce is a product of GoDaddy. It allows you to open and operate your very own online store. Get transacting easily and securely.

It’s easy to create an online store, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free. It takes a few clicks or steps to have a store.

GoDaddy Ecommerce  Platform


  • Ease of use- the platform is very easy to use. Whenever you want to create any store the GoDaddy ADI will help you accomplish it.
  • Flexible setup- create a store that is safe and sells over 5,000 products. Besides, give customers the freedom to pay the way they want.
  • Mobile compatibility- create a store that can be accessed over any device.
  • Manage your products- has an inventory management system that one can easily utilize to know how best the business is doing.
  • Reach out to many easily-  they have the best marketing plans that you can use to grow.
  • Integrations- connect with many social media markets and many other platforms and keep growing your business.
  • Supports vast industries- as compared to other competitors, GoDaddy provides more.
  • More tools- have more tools to enable you to grow your business.


  • Limited creativity due to the use of the GoDaddy ADI.
  • No selling products across social media directly.

How to know if the GoDaddy Ecommerce platform is the best to use?

Are you looking for an affordable solution that has absolutely no requirements with regard to technology and bandwidth? With affordable plans, it’s easy to get started without having any technical experience.

Upgrade to get more flexibility than what the starter plan offers. There are no long-term contracts or surprise fees. 

The platform is flexible and can be accessed through their website, app, or a third-party vendor of your choice.  Manage your store even when traveling.

You choose the method that works best for you by consulting with GoDaddy’s tools and services experts. Ensure you provide the best services to your clients easily.

Starting an online store is easy. Select an ecommerce template and proceed to edit by drag and drop. Create your own design easily and get transacting.

You will have access to the inventory management system. From the system track of all the products moving in and out of your business.

The instant shipment notification can help get packages on their way quickly after customers purchase items from your store.

Track down drop-shipped orders with ease, even if they are shipped directly from third-party vendors.

The easiest way to reach the support team is by clicking on ‘Help’ and then ‘Get Help’. They can help solve your issues easily. With live chat / email / phone. Reply within 24 hours.

How easy is ecommerce platform to use?

How easy is it to use the GoDaddy Ecommerce platform? This will probably be one of the most asked questions about this platform. 

GoDaddy has taken steps recently to make its interface much more user-friendly than it was previously. GoDaddy Ecommerce is fairly easy for webmasters and everyone else.

Easily design your store and get it ready for launch. There are available guides and tutorials on using the GoDaddy ecommerce platform.

Navigating the web interface is pretty simple and user-friendly. For the most part, it’s also fairly easy to add new products and update your website with new information.

No more hassle of worrying about technology and what to implement for your store. GoDaddy will help you take care of all that. Build your store fast and securely. 

Get your clients transacting with you easily. Have the best store built fast and get transacting with users all over the globe.

Is GoDaddy Good for eCommerce?

GoDaddy has all functionalities of an advanced ecommerce platform. They have great features for a very reasonable price that will allow you to run your business efficiently and profitably.

Well, when it comes to pricing, they have the best plans. They fit in any budget and will allow you to make sales immediately. 

On top of all that, GoDaddy offers a dedicated hosting platform. This makes it even easier to run your business online. 

It’s self-sufficient and won’t require any technical knowledge or skills in order to set up and maintain it. All you need is an idea!

GoDaddy eliminates the hassle of a backend ecommerce store all in one shot. GoDaddy is now one of the world’s largest providers of ecommerce services.

This has made it easier for both experienced sellers as well as beginners to set up an e-store with no hassle at all. 

GoDaddy Ecommerce platform features

1. Marketing 

The platform is designed for use by small businesses that might not have the time, money or expertise to launch their own websites.

Complementary marketing services can help a business succeed on the Internet. GoDaddy Ecommerce customers receive free business listings in top search engines like Google.

Also, they get email marketing tools and other helpful features to build brand awareness with potential customers at little or no cost.

2. Ease of use

Using the  GoDaddy Ecommerce platform can be as easy as clicking through a few web-based forms. Most of the work is done for you.

GoDaddy also makes it easy to manage customer service issues using an integrated help desk system.  With online access from anywhere, manage your business easily.

3. Business tools

To help a business succeed, GoDaddy Ecommerce provides specialized business tools.  These include online payments processing, shipping, and tracking management.  

It also includes unlimited web space for photos, videos, or text to highlight products or services.  Integrated customer service features allow you to respond to questions or concerns, and answer comments in real-time.

Also, provide new information about products and services easily. Grow your business fast using and keep expanding.

4. Security

Go Daddy has developed data security measures that protect everyone. They also have antimalware systems that detect suspicious activity.

These security measures protect you, your employees, and any customer information from fraudsters and malware.

SSL also is available to protect data in transit. Protect transactions with encryption. There are online fraudsters who may try to trick you into sending money or giving out private information. 

Go Daddy keeps its systems secure against data breaches and identity theft. They do this by using: 

  • Multiple firewalls
  • Encrypting private customer records 
  • Restricting employee access through strict authentication procedures.

Security is a top priority at GoDaddy. Feel confident your online assets at Go Daddy are safe from malicious attacks.

They also store backup copies of your files securely offsite so that in case of a disaster your data will be protected and accessible.

GoDaddy provides many services. It has come to help businesses establish and continue growing. The Ecommerce platform is flexible and affordable. Everyone can take their idea online fast.